Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Introductory Special! New Songbird 14/13/8 Sparrow Compact Chromatic Complete Package $550.00, free shipping

This is the final version of our new 14/13/8 Sparrow Compact Chromatic hammered dulcimer, and the top is African Mahogany.  It has a warm, punchy, resonant and even sound.  Check out the video.

We are very proud of this new design!  The solid top is composed of 6 individual boards connected by tight fitting tongue and groove joints which are not glued.  The joints allow each board to shrink or swell as it needs with changes in humidity and not put stress on the instrument.  It makes for a much happier, more stable hammered dulcimer.  It works great, and sounds great, too, no special care is necessary for these.  No babying or having to keep in a humidified room in winter or you void your warrantee.   Park it beside the wood stove, it'll be fine.  And then take it right from there to the Amazon, and it'll still be fine.  We have thoroughly tested and done things equivalent to that.  Right from dry, dry, dry Iowa winter to a couple weeks of 80% humidity, and then back.  No problem.

The complete package consists of the above instrument, case, stand of your choice whether to play standing or seated, double face hammers, T- handle tuning wrench, electronic tuner, and book Mel Bay's You /can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer which has an online video that goes with it.  The dulcimer weighs about 12 pounds, and both dulcimer and stand fit in the case together so they are easily carried.

In April we will build a page for our web site for this model.  At that time the Complete Package retail price will be set at $624.00 plus shipping.  So at $550.00 and free shipping, this Introductory Special is a deal!  To take advantage of it you'll need to contact us directly.  The email is  The phone is 563-571-5296. The web site is

Chris and Melanie Foss