Monday, October 1, 2018

Never Used 16/15 Phoebe Complete Outfit $499.00

A year ago, Vickie Girlie bought a 16/15 Phoebe Complete Outfit exactly like this for her husband who has now been diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer and will never learn to play it.  They need to sell it quick, so we are listing it for her, but you contact her and make the purchase directly with her.  $499.00 is a price from 7 years ago for a basically brand new hammered dulcimer outfit, and though Vickie will ship it anywhere in the 48 states, if you are in the vicinity of western Missouri, you could pick it up in person and save both of you some money.  Vickie's email is, and her phone number is 816-807-3608.

The Phoebe is considered one of the best full size entry level hammered dulcimer made.  Sounds wonderful, plays great, absolutley reliable, very stable and durable.  This would make a great Christmas gift, and this is a fabulous price, so grab it while it is there.  Like I said, they need to get it done fast.  This link is to a video of one just like this being played.

They have the seated stand, and several self help books as well as the things in the photos.

Thanks for helping out!
Chris and Melanie