Wednesday, May 30, 2018

16/15 Phoebe all sound holes in back. Complete outfit $499.00 plus free shipping!

This is a standard 16/15 Phoebe.  Only difference is all the sound holes are in the back, there are 6 of them, total.  We believe that dulcimers are better off with all the sound holes in the back.  The top is stronger, the sound is a little clearer, and it projects better since the sound coming out of the sound holes bounces off the floor toward the listener.  What matters is not the placement of sound holes, but the total surface area of them, so this is the way we prefer them.  Also, while playing, sometimes the sound holes there in the top can be visually distracting.  But, they are a little hard to sell since people just think there should be sound holes there in the top, so if you want a really nice dulcimer for a bargain, here it is!  $499.00 for the complete outfit plus free shipping!

This dulcimer sounds great!  Have a listen:

The complete outfit includes the instrument, case, stand of your choice whether to play standing or seated, double face hammers, T- handle tuning wrench, electronic tuner, and book, Mel Bay's you Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer which has an online video that goes with it.  Free shipping applies to the 48 contiguous states.  If you are from somewhere else, we will subtract the $35.00 savings from your shipping quote.

If you decide to get this dulcimer, you will need to contact us directly either by email or by phone.  The email address is  My cell phone is 563-571-5296.  Melanie's cell in 563-260-7877

Chris Foss

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