Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Free Teach a Tune Videos

We have a great project going. I have been recording short videos of individual jam tunes and uploading them to Youtube.  They are called Teach a Tune With Chris Foss and are on our Youtube channel, here is the link...

The videos are twice through the tune at a moderate tempo with clear sound, and clearly visible so you can easily see and hear to learn the tune.  They are meant so you can go over and over them if you need and really pick out what I am doing.  You can pick out hammer patterns, when to use alternate notes, some things about arranging the tunes, all by watching and listening closely.

Our friend Chuck Boody from Minneapolis is a hammered dulcimer teacher, and has volunteered to write out the tunes just the way I play them.  He has created a Dropbox account to put the finished .pdf files in.  It is a read only account so nobody can mess with it, and you don't need a Dropbox account to go there and print off the music.  Here is the link:

At this writing there are 25 or so videos uploaded.  It will take some time for the whole project to be complete since I can only upload 15 or 20 a month due to data restrictions.  We are projecting the completed project to have 100 tunes, each with its own video and sheet music.

The thing to know about folk music is that it belongs to us, and there is no "right" or "wrong" way to do it, only the way we do it wherever we happen to be.  So these videos are the way we play the tunes here at our jam in Iowa, and they may or may not be slightly different at a different group.  But they belong to us, so we can do whatever we want with them, and as long as we don't destroy the essence of the tune, what we have done is good.  We can also take our version somewhere else and play it with others and they will recognize it.  When you play it with them, you are all listening to each other and adjusting what you do to what you hear, so the tune is recreated fresh and a little different each time it is played.  At that point the tune becomes a living thing just for that moment, it is what makes folk music wonderful.

Hoping the videos and written music become a resource for the hammered dulcimer community!  Learn some tunes and get out there and jam!  I know I couldn't live very happily without it.

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