Friday, February 10, 2017

Rick Thum 16/16 good condition plus case, hammers, tuning wrench $950.00

This is a real good Rick Thum 16/16 from October, 2000.  It is number 92 in Rick's series.  It plays great and holds its tune really well, comes with a very good case, hammers, tuning wrench and some misc. papers  from the original purchase.  It was owned by Vickie Brittain in Wisconsin, and she played it a lot.  I have tried to show all the little nicks which are just normal wear on a well loved instrument.  The name medallion on the upper rail is peel and stick, so should come off fairly easily, but there will be a shadow from it on the cherry wood.  You might get something with your own name made to put in its place.  Vickie passed away 5 years ago, and her son Steve Berg brought it to us to sell for him.  There is no one in the family who is interested in it, so best thing to do with an instrument of this caliber is get it into the hands of someone who appreciates it.  Steve wants $950 for it, but will probably come down.  If you are interested, give us a call.  My number is 563-571-5296.  Melanie's is 563-260- 7877.  Or email us

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