Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tax Day Sale! Free Set Laminated Bridges on any Phoebe Natural Complete Outfit ordered before April 15


Free set of laminated bridges ($50.00 value) with the order of a Phoebe Natural (unstained) Complete Outfit placed before April 15th.  The laminated bridges help the instrument stay in tune because they don't shrink and swell as much with changes in humidity.  They aren't the complete answer, you will still have to tune your dulcimer, but they do help.  You'll tune your dulcimer less, and it will stay in tune with itself better than if it had a regular set of hardwood bridges.  The above picture doesn't show them, but you can see them on the Bridges page of our web site.  Just hit the link below, then find the bridges page. 

You can get the particulars on all of our models on our web site, www.songbirdhd.com

The total will be $599.00 for the outfit plus $25.00 for shipping to anywhere in the 48 continental United States.  Best way to take advantage of the sale is to go ahead and make the purchase on the web site using the shopping cart.  Go ahead and click the checkbox for the laminated bridges and they will be added to your order.  I have set the value of that to zero until April 15th.

If you aren't comfortable with using the shopping cart online, you can call us with your order and a credit card number, or you can email us or call us with your order and put a check in the mail. 

The 16/15 Phoebe is of course the best entry level hammered dulcimer made.  Not only does it sound wonderful (clear as a bell is one of the comments we have heard), but it is durable and with legendary tuning stability.  The link above goes to one being demonstrated, so you can clearly hear how it sounds.

The complete outfit includes everything one should need to learn and play the hammered dulcimer; the instrument, case, the stand of your choice (whether to play seated or standing), good double face hammers, T- handle tuning wrench, Chromatic electronic tuner, and Mel Bay's You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer book/ online video.  

If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to email through the contact form on the web site.  Or just call, my cell is 563-571-5296, and Melanie's is 563-260-7877.

Chris Foss

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