Sunday, October 19, 2014

Black over Green Crackle Finish Phoebe Chromatic plus Dampers $999.00

This dulcimer is SOLD
I just left it here so you get an idea of some of what we can do.

This is one of our current 17/16/8 Phoebe Chromatic models done in one of our Art Finishes.  This one is Black over Bright Green Crackle finish.  We did one custom for a person in the spring, and these were the colors she wanted.  The green underneath is very vibrantly bright, and when we put it on the original dulcimer, we thought it would never work.  But when the black went on over it and crackled, and the varnish top coat was applied, it was just stunning.  We liked it so much that we did one for ourselves which is this one.  The black mutes the green so that the dulcimer has an overall gorgeous green look, and you don't even perceive that the top coat is pure black.  I really like doing these crackle finishes.  Love it!

This dulcimer is very versatile.  It will play anything well, and the dampers give it all the options for tone control and texture that you could ever want.  A professional's dulcimer with all the bells and whistles at a reasonable price.  Top and back are laminated Baltic Birch for durability and stability of tuning.  Need I say that it also sounds great!  You can read more about the design of the Phoebe Chromatic on that page of our web site.  It has been very successful.  I chose to put the sound holes all in the back of this dulcimer just for aesthetic reasons.  But that also means this dulcimer projects well.  The sound comes out all those holes, bounces off the floor and folks on the other side of the room can hear it well.  It won't get lost in a jam, you can be heard.  

Price above is for the dulcimer, foot pedal, double face hammers, and T- handle tuning wrench.  If you want it in the full package, that will be $1,124.00 plus shipping.  

I have always felt, "why do I have to be just like everybody else?"  Going my own direction, and this dulcimer is one of the results of that.  We are very happy with it.  So if you want a great hammered dulcimer that isn't just like everybody else's, this is it.  It is unique, and inspires awe when I take it out in public.  Fun!

Give us a call.  Chris and Melanie Foss 563-571-5296